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lost_daily's Journal

Lost Daily
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NOTE: Per question on recent posts - this is NOT a discussion group. There are plenty of other groups for that. Take it there, please.

Hello, and thank you for flying lost_daily community, a live journal community dedicated to Hi-res photos, Screen captures and graphics from the television show Lost and the actors and actresses on the show. If you'll all take out the pamphlet located in the pocket in front of you, I'll begin.

Our Airplane has a number of Rules and Saftey Procedures that must be followed in order for this to be a safe and fun flight. (credit to rightclicklick for the rules and image host listing)

  1. EVERY POST must contain a pic. We can not stress this enough. Pictures from Lost, or Lost cast members please only. (Lord of the Rings photos that have Dom in them will be allowed, however, we'd rather you not flood the community with them. There are plenty of better places on live journal to post Hobbity!Dom)
    1. Members who break this rule will have their post deleted and be warned once. If they do it again they will be escorted from the airplane while in midair and asked not to return.
  2. Pictures containing spoilers from episodes which have not yet been aired in the US should go behind a cut, but if you want to be nice, you might stick anything from the current season in a cut
  3. No stealing from other sites or direct linking to other sites including here. If we find a pic that is direct linking, we will delete that post with no questions. We're not going to have pissed off webmasters after this place. This includes just placing a link to an image. For image host ideas, go here.
  4. Always try to credit your sources where possible.
  5. If posting nude images, please put behind the lj-cut tags so that people browsing from work don't get in trouble.
  6. If posting multiple images, please put behind lj-cut tags so that those of us on slower connections can go through them at their own pace.
  7. Authorised, official type pics only. That means no stalker/ paparazzi type photos.
  8. Childhood photos allowed but NOT naked!
  9. If you're going to spam the community with your latest community or website, don't unless you include a photo. Otherwise, no offtopic posts. This is a picture posting community only. All completely offtopic posts will be deleted by the admin
  10. Icon posts also need to contain a larger picture. If you're just going to post icons then there are better communities than this to post them in, such as losticons.

Your Pilots for the flight will be :

As of 2/24/11 the new community owner/moderator is: genkireirei

They come to us with a number of years experience in mining for really nice quality pictures on the web, and genuinely enjoy what they do.

Since we've gotten clearance from the tower I'll ask that everyone stow their belongings, fasten their seat belts and make sure that seats and trays are in their upright and locked posistions.

We know that you have a lot of choices in your daily communities and we thank you for choosing lost_daily. Please enjoy your flight.


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