Janine (janinelearner) wrote in lost_daily,

Lost UK trailer keyrings

I hope this is ok, I'll post some pics of they keyrings to make it 'legal', if it's not ok please feel free to delete it.

I've managed to get hold of the actual 35mm trailer/promo that was shown in the cinemas here in the UK to promote Season 1 of Lost. I've been snipping it up and I'm making film cell keyrings of some of the best shots to sell on eBay. If you've not yet seen the trailer, you can view it here: http://www.lost-tv.co.uk/videos.php, it's the one called All Of Us Have Secrets.

If you'd like to see the keyrings, they're on £2 each on eBay with Buy It Now so there's no risk of being outbid. Take a look here. The only one I dont have multiples of is the Charlie/Dom one as in the trailer he has smoke drifting in front of him which means the actual cells are like that and I only found 1 good one to use.


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