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Oceanic-Air.com ; images

This site is driving me nuts, so i'm just going to bullet out whatever I could find, and if anyone could update me on anything else on it, that'd be great. x-posted to lost_tv

- Seating Chart:
• Clicking on a seat in the 'cursed numbers' rows (4-8-15-16-23-42) lights up seats of Shannon(9F), Jack(23A), Locke(24D), Boone(9E), Marshall(27G) and Charlie(29C).

• Clicking on Shannon gives me the Danielle map:

(thanks to team_kill's post)

And when I refreshed and tried again, it gave me Sayid's ID (i don't understand this either, but i've given up with logic on this site)

• Clicking on Locke gave me some images and a wonderful screetching noise when his picture appeared:
(in 'proper' order:)

• Charlie gave me Claire's Diary and Driveshaft All Access card:

• Boone gave me Boone's picture:

• Jack gives me a vodka bottle which starts moving around:

When randomly clicking on Jack's seat, i got redirected to http://www.oceanicflight815.com/ , which by the way, has the most wonderful music playing on the background after its 'beginning sequence'.

Clicking on Jack again lights up 23C and 23D, which is Rose's seat.
Clicking on Rose, Rose talking about her wedding ring and her wedding ring appears:

• The Marshall gave me Kate's seat (27H) first, showing her toy plane and her mugshot and record:

Clicking on the Marshall seat again gave me 2 of his IDs, one living one.. dead? lmao

• Clicking on the numbers (the actual numbers at the bottom) as the cursed numbers in proper order (4-8-15-16-23-42) gives me the Season 2 Trailer.

- Well, that was all i could find in the seating chart. Here's whatever else i could find:
•  On the main page, you have the infamous script page revealing 'mapinguari':

And there's some hidden messages (from the bottle?) from people if you click on the yellow box and hilight the text

• And if you click on "Island Insider", you can subscribe to a newsletter if you answer a question correctly.

And then, there's something that does not make sense to me:

Why does it say that it's landed? And why does it keep saying ALERT instead of crash, or whatever.

Did i miss anything on the site?
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