Cesare (almostnever) wrote in lost_daily,

lost: the oceanic-air.com map

I took a lot of screencaps from the Lost promotional site, http://www.oceanic-air.com. I'll be sharing all of it eventually. Please note, the following contains tips/spoilers for the Oceanic-Air.com site, and/or Lost itself. (Crossposted to lost_tv and lost_daily.)

The most interesting and difficult thing that I've captured is the map of the island. If you go to the site and track flights, you can track flight 815. Do a little more exploring and you get a seating chart for the plane. Eventually, names of Lost characters light up on the seating chart, and you can click on them to get interesting graphics and tidbits.

When you click on Shannon's name in the seating chart, you get the map of the island. It's in French, and you can't really see or read it very well, because the seating chart itself overlaps most of the map.

Well, I have Photoshop, and my friend anatsuno is French, so we decided to work on it. I put the map together (from over thirty screencaps of parts of it) and she translated it.

The translations, with an annotated copy of the map, are available in a post in anatsuno's LJ.

If anyone knows what any of the math means, feel free to chime in!

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