December 29th, 2005

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Lost in Denmark

Woot! Great news!

Lost is back in Denmark! Season 2 starts on January 9th.

I've translated what it says on the website of Kanal 5 (the tv station airing Lost):

The waiting is over! Monday January 9th Kanal 5 starts airing brand-new episodes of the popular, and recently Golden Globe nominated, thriller series Lost. Everything looks like that season 2 vil be even more thrilling, breathless, romantic and hair-raising than the previous season. Keep up with it from the start! That's what 23 million Americans did at the season premiere in the States, where the tv station ABC beat their own audience ratings.

Monday December 12th the Golden Globe nominations were released, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has this time nominated Lost for three Golden Globes. The show was nominated the the category Best Television Series - Drama, the actor Matthew Fox (Jack) for Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series - Drama and Naveen Andrews (Sayid) for Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In A Series, Mini-series Or Motion Picture Made For Television. If Lost wins the three sought after statuettes will be revealed at the star-studded award show Monday January 16th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Lost - Season premiere with a double episode Monday January 9th on Kanal 5

This is the Danish website about Lost (a part of Kanal 5's website):

More about Lost from there:
(The first and the last paragraph on that site is the same as I've already translated. The rest is more specificly about season 2)

In the first season of Lost the viewers were shaken by a tremendous plane crash where 48 people survive and are trapped on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Subsequently they have to try to survive as well as they can by using the things they can save from the fuselage and what building materials and edile things on the islands. Slowly we get the know all of them and soon we viewers realize that none of the survivers are who they pretend to be.

In the second season of this many times prized and popular thriller series, Jack's mistrust of Locke increases and he continues to doubt Lockes motives and obsession of revealing the secrets behind the closed hatch. Michael, Sawyer and Jin's destinies are also unveiled after their raft was blown up by "The Others" who in the end of the first season kidnapped Michael's son. Sun becomes less dependent on her husband at the same time as she more and more doubts that Jin is still alive. Kate's past as a fugitive keeps haunting her and Charlie gets closer to Claire and her baby Aaron, but the drugs he found in thr statue threatens to send him back to a dark past as a drug user.

Lost - Mondays on Kanal 5 with season premiere and double episodes January 9

There's still no word on what time of day the show will be aired, but I'll post it here as soon as I know.
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