October 21st, 2005

Get Lost -- A Lost RPG

Welcome to Get Lost, the latest Lost RPG on the block.

Inspired by the theory that one tiny alteration could change the entire future, it got us thinking about how the course of Lost could be changed due to something going differently. What if Locke had never regained use of his legs after the crash? How would that affect him? Without a hunter, how would the lives of the other survivors be changed? Who would have found the hatch, if it had indeed been found? This RPG is a way of taking these ideas and allowing them to evolve. We want to find out what would happen if Shannon had told Claire Boone was her boyfriend. We want to find out what would happen if the US Marshall has survived. All these and more will be explored in Get Lost.

Rules || Character List || Application.

-- Boone, Claire, Kate and Shannon are all taken. Everyone else is free for the moment. --

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