October 14th, 2005

Revel In Teh_Dork

Lost Geekery + Halloween = Who Are You Supposed To Be?

Heya fellow Parishoners of the Church of Oceanic!  Hope you all are well and dandy!

So... I'm going to profess and show how much of a freaking humongus dork I am.... Are we all sitting down?  Good. XD

So... it's come to my attention like... today g'lord Halloween IS really upon us. :O  And ever since I was a young cephilapod Halloween has always been one of my fave holidays, it's to the point that my love for costuming branched off into something anime and manga fans know as 'Cosplay' where at anime cons I get to dress up silly and proclaim my nerdy affection for a series or three.

So.  Right.  Halloween.  Because a certain high quality logo has been making the rounds on the internet I decided 'Dood... I so want that on a jacket....'  and it ended up being a thought of 'Ooooh... I can do this for Halloween! :O'  So under the cut I present quickie pics of the imporant part of said costume which I'll be making a point to wear year round ANYWAY.  XD

Collapse )

So my question to all of you of there.... who's embracing thier inner dork and plotting a 'Lost Themed' costume?  I can't be the only one! :O
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