August 19th, 2005

Yeah RIGHT there....

Hey Yo! New Here And All That...

I've just been back browsing entries to this community to make sure fanartish stuff is permitted because something had insanely possesed me to make a contribution to the Holy Order of Oceanic. XD

I'm an aspiring comic illustrator majoring in Graphic Design so I thought I would share something rather graphic design-ish that's perfectly suitable to pretty up your desktop with.

Collapse )

In any event if anyone would like Naveen Andrew's Mug on thier desktop the not quite 600x800 version is above and here's the not quite 1024x768 version.  I reccomend setting your desktop backdrop to white or some other complementary color to make up for the pixel differential. ^.^

All I ask is no Hotlinking, and a link back to my domain Nomad Chronicle if it gets squirreled away into the abyss of Lost Fan Sites. ^.^
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