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What about second breakfast?
08 May 2005 @ 10:22 am
Claire & Charlie - Your song (Picture Slideshow)
I created my first "LOST" related picture slideshow, and thought you might be interested. It contains pics up until the last episode that aired in the US ("The greater good"), so be aware of that before watching.

The size of this is 25 MB (dial uppers be aware), images courtesy of txvoodoo, videoclip courtesy of Tina @ lotrmedia.net, enhanced images by tarnishedhalo and kerrsmith2306 and the music is by Ewan McGregor. A low quality version is available by request. My sincere thanks to all those mentioned above who contributed to this slideshow.

Comments are as always appreciated, if only to say you downloaded in order to keep track (since it's as usual 25 downloads within 7 days per slide show). If you want to host the file on your site you're welcome to do so, but naturally it would be nice to be credited for creating this.
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