charlie ϟ (libraire) wrote in lost_daily,
charlie ϟ

What are those two up to? >D

You know I can think of many captions to associate with this picture. *cough* Mostly dirty, but I'll shuttup now. Comment with what the picture makes YOU think about.

P.S.- Hello there, sirs and madams... mostly madams, unless you're that kind of guy. :D

I am the co-maintainer of a new kickarse community called OMGasm (omgasm). The community is for fangirls (and boys, of course) to squee over their favourite lads. It's not just for one guy, or even a group, it's for ALL guys. So whether you're into Orlando Bloom or Sean Connery, your fangirling is welcome at omgasm.

It's basically a place for the more mature of us fangirls who are sick of aLl ThE fAnGiRlS wHo TaLk LiKe DiS and who don't have much to say beyond "Orlando is prettiful lolz!!!!!!!" to let go...Though of course, the community is all about being a shameless fangirl, so if you feel the urge to say "Orlando is prettiful lolz!!!!!!!" coming on, just let loose! You can reveal your deepest desires, share your fics and artwork, rec fan fiction and read it, giggle over manips.

The community will contain possible nudity, slash and discussions of sexual desires etc. at times, but it is not 18+. This is the very important thing about omgasm. We realise that you don't have to be over 18 to be a racey, lusty minded fangirl (as the co-maintainers and I aren't actually 18 yet. Shuuush!). >)

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