Kristin (michigancherry) wrote in lost_daily,

A very nice photo to make this post legal
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11 icons/bases from “What Kate Did”. Obviously spoilers if you’ve not seen the episode yet. I thought this was a beautiful scene and had to make some bases out of it. They're quite crappy, but I thought I'd share. :)

♥ Comments/Credit is not necessary, but appreciated
♥ If you’d like something different (i.e. closer/further away or color alterations) feel free to ask!!
♥ all images from the best site on the net!
♥ feel free to edit in any way you’d like! I’d love to see your finished products!

1. Image Hosted by 2. Image Hosted by 3. Image Hosted by 4. Image Hosted by 5. Image Hosted by 6. Image Hosted by 7. Image Hosted by 8. Image Hosted by 9. Image Hosted by 10. Image Hosted by 11. Image Hosted by

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